A modern fleet with roots in the 19th Century

Interocean was founded at the end of 2015 to invest in a diversified portfolio of shipping assets. Its initial target was to form a fleet of modern bulk carriers to capitalize on a historically low point of entry in the bulkcarrier marlet and to develop an efficient transportation unit that will meet the future demands of international shipping.

Patagonia Shipping Lines a container feeder service covering the East Coast of South America was started by a predecessor company in 2010 and incorporated in Interocean in 2016.

Interocean has its roots dating back to 1876 when Jose Menendez started his shipping activities in South America. Through its long history the same family that manages the company today has owned and operated ships of all types; i.e.: bulkcarriers, tankers, LPG carriers, container vessels and offshore service vessels, as well as tugs, barges and a multitude of other shipping assets.